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Hair colour

Your perfect hair colour will enhance every haircut and bring out your best features; it can make you look younger and boost your confidence. 

As experts in colour, we’ll ensure you never make any of the biggest colour blunders, which are choosing a one-dimensional block colour to cover your greys or choosing the wrong shade of blonde. 

Instead, we’ll create a look that is natural-looking, completely creative or somewhere in the middle to reflect your personality and accentuate your cut.

Our colourists are always training so we’re always at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques.

We have a strict no skin test, no hair colour policy. Therefore, you’ll need to have had a valid skin test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment.

balayage hair colour at Elaine Stewart


Whether you prefer sun-kissed and natural-looking hair colour, or something bright and beautiful, balayage is a hand-painting technique to get your dream result. 

We use the balayage techniques for root stretches, colour melts, colour bleeds, rainbow hair colour and dip dyes. 

Your balayage will be personalised to your hair cut and the movement of your hair. We use balayage in Wigan for low maintenance looks that really last.

Prices from: £90

Bleach and Tone

If you want a beautiful blonde, perfect pastel, or bright and bold hair, we’ll use a bleach and tone to get your dream result. 

Your Elaine Stewart Hair and Beauty colourist will gently lift your hair to create a gorgeous clean canvas, before adding your ideal shade. 

Just so you know your fashion colour may be temporary, so we’ll recommend the aftercare and maintenance you need to get the best out of your look.

Prices from: £70

bleach and tone hair colour in Wigan
permanent and semi permanent hair colour in Wigan

Permanent & Semi-Permanent Colour

To maintain our reputation for the best hair colour in Wigan, we offer numerous techniques tailored just for you. Our permanent hair colour is perfect if you want to cover your grey hairs or would like a dramatic change.

For a subtle change or a temporary hair colour, your colourist will recommend semi-permanent hair colour, also known as a tint.  Healthy hair looks super shiny, so you could request a little clear gloss for that added shine.

Prices from: £45

Highlights and Lowlights

We’ll use foil highlights to add depth, dimension and movement to your hair. Whether you like ashy tones, golds, caramels or platinum shades, highlights are the perfect way to lighten up your look. 

We also work with foils to add caramels, chocolate browns and rich reds lowlights for warmth and depth.

Prices from £75

colour correction in Wigan

Colour Correction hair

From blondes with a green tinge, to over-processed hair, colour bands, uneven application and too much warmth, we’ve seen it all at our Wigan hair colour salon!

Colour correction can take time to make perfect, but in our professional hands you can feel confident that we’ll work with you to create healthier-looking, more-even hair colour from the first appointment.

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