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Hair Extensions at Elaine Stewart

Get Longer, More Voluminous Hair At Elaine Stewart

We’re your hair extensions experts in Wigan, offering you all the most popular types of bonds to suit your budget, the look you want to achieve and the time you have to manage your hair.

We work with the ‘Love-Islanders favourite extensions, Beauty Works because we love the quality of the hair and phenomenal choice of bonds and colours. 

Beauty Works premium quality hair is made with 100%  real remy human hair, which can blend with your own hair for undetectable, natural results.

Your Extensions Appointment

You’ll need a consultation before we can apply your Beauty Works hair extensions. This will enable our technician to listen and understand what your perfect hair extensions look like.

We’ll also need to colour match, order the hair especially for you and calculate the cost of your hair extensions.

During your hair extensions fitting appointment, you’ll get the aftercare and maintenance advice that will ensure your extensions look just as good between appointments. We strongly recommend you follow this advice.

Price on consultation


If you’re looking for tape hair extension in Wigan, look no further. These extensions are taped into your hair to give you added length or extra volume.

Beauty Works tape extensions can be applied to your full head or just to the front to give you some added oomph.

Our technicians can fit your tape-in extensions in as little as an hour, making them a cost effective introduction to extensions.

Look after your tape-in hair extensions well and they can usually be removed and re-fitted at your maintenance appointment.

Due to the speed of application, tape-in extensions can be a more cost effective option if you are new to hair extensions in Wigan. 

Price on Consultation


Pre-bonded extensions are perfect for a natural look with minimal damage to your hair. These extensions are individually attached to your hair using tiny micro rings.

You’ll have up to 180 tips applied to your hair, making it the perfect option for a completely personalised look.

Our clients regularly use micro tip hair extensions in Wigan for extreme length, increased thickness or even to create a balayage effect without impacting on your natural look.

Your micro tips will need to be re-fitted every 8 -12 weeks. Please listen to your technician’s aftercare advice to keep your hair in the best possible condition. 

Price on consultation


Do you want more hair without the hassle? Micro Wefts are a low maintenance solution that sews a weft of hair into your own tresses.

Clients for micro weft hair extensions in Wigan have the peace of mind that their added extra can be used again and again without the potential for shredding. These long-lasting extensions can transform your hair for up to 12 months.

There are 24 colours available in a length that will give you the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Book a consultation today to see if micro weft hair extensions will work for you. 

Call 01942 323003 to book in for a free consultation to find out whether hair extensions are for you.