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We put our hair through a lot, what with blow drying, straightening and curling our hair whenever we can. Whilst hair styling is sometimes necessary to look our best, it’s also important to make time to restore the health and quality of our hair with a good haircare routine.

Everything from applying heat to brushing your hair unfortunately causes damage such as split ends and dryness.

Luckily this damage can be restored with a good haircare routine using the right hair products that will replenish the natural oils and texture of your hair.

We’re here to recommend a few products designed to repair hair-health rather than just masking the damage. We’ll also share a few extra tips that will help to reduce damage overall.

Don’t worry: just follow our advice and you’ll have the luscious and healthy locks you’re after in no time!

Get your hair cut regularly
No one wants to hear it but to maintain healthy hair, getting regular cuts is essential. When damaged, the ends of your hairs split and these only get worse if they are not dealt with. Split ends can also cause your hair to look shorter than it actually is, as it creates the appearance of thin and uneven hair. Getting rid of split ends makes your hair look fuller, thicker and possibly longer than it did before. It is recommended that you book yourself a hair-cut at a professional salon every 6-8 weeks to maintain strong and healthy hair. There’s really nothing to lose by getting that haircut booked!

Use good quality shampoo and conditioner
Hair is made of up of proteins and damage to the hair strips it of these essential proteins that keep your hair strong. A lot of mainstream shampoos and conditioners are made to hide the damage of your hair rather than to replenish its health and it’s always important to find a brand of hair product that this doesn’t apply to. Redken haircare products are unique in that their products are all protein-based, designed to rebuild the inner structure of your hair to prevent breakage for the long-term. With Redken haircare products, the damage of your hair won’t just be masked, it will be properly repaired and your hair will look better for it!

Use a good quality hair straightener
Applying heat to your hair is always going to cause some level of damage however you can limit this by investing in a good quality hair straightener. GHD hair straighteners are renowned for their salon-worthy quality, meaning that with a bit of hairspray the effect you get when styling your hair with a GHD straightener should last until your next hair-wash. With a GHS straightener, you shouldn’t have to apply the heat every single day, maybe just once or twice a week.

Visit a professional hair salon
It’s always a good idea to visit a professional hairdresser every once in a while, just to make sure the job of caring for your hair is being done properly. All of the brands mentioned above are sold and used here at Elaine Stewart’s hair salon, one of the best places for haircare in Wigan.

At Elaine Stewart, we aim to replenish both the health of your hair and its overall look. We only use brands of haircare products that they know will keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful so you can guarantee that you’ll walk out of our salon feeling like a new and better person.

Get in contact to book an appointment at Elaine Stewart Hair & Beauty today and experience some of the highest quality of haircare in Wigan.

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